4 года назад

Занятие Russian speaking club

Russian Speaking Club is a combination of a class and speaking practice with our best teachers who will enlarge your vocabulary and train you in using Russian structures


Itinerary of each meeting:
— greetings and introductions
— vocabulary practice
— topic discussion, e.g. travel, relationships, etc.
— “easy grammar”
— a short language game

Our club gathers every Thursday 7:00-9:00 p.m. at “Bigwig” language center.

This club is designer for people whose Russian is between Elementary and Pre-Intermediate

Come by yourself or bring friends along!

Signing up in advance is appreciated.

Please contact us for any questions: bigwig-moscow@mail.ru or +7 499 408 96 90

место проведения:

Языковой центр Bigwig

Сивцев Вражек переулок, 44/28

    8 (499) 703 07 41
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