4 года назад

Занятие English speaking club


Hey guys!

So you're learning English but lacking in speaking practice?
Ever wondered how you can change that?
Eager to speak, learn new words and improve your language skills?
Then you're lucky, because you're invited to our speaking club where you can talk as much as you want!

Level required — B1 (Intermediate) and higher.

The event takes place at Wooden Door Anticafe. Price: 2 roubles per minute for the first hour, 1 rouble per minute for next hours. Tea, coffee and snacks included.
In case you have any questions please call at Wooden Door: 8 (495) 748 93 38

место проведения:

Антипаб Wooden Door

Милютинский переулок, 6

    +7 (495) 748 93 38
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