Escape Game Secret Studio Escape

One of the best London Escapes

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Charing Cross 980 м Museum Street
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3 — 6 человек
для команды:3 — 6 человек

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«Secret Studio Escape»

You’re involved in a movie production where weird things have been happening. One of the crew members thought they’d got a handle on the problem, but last night they disappeared from the cutting room. 


Everyone’s convinced that it’s haunted or similar, but your team are going in to see if you can solve the mystery and bring back the crew member. You’ll have 60 minutes to solve the Studio’s mysteries and escape.


This is one of the best escape rooms I have done to date. Basically without giving too much away the story is based around a murder. You have to work your way through by working out puzzles to solve the mystery. Sometimes some of the puzzles need all of you to work on it at the same time. There is more than one room that you get to experience and solve clues in. Its all very retro!

— 4lemons

This is one of the newer games in London, but has a more "traditional" — or European — feel to it in its creativity. The concept is excellent, and the thought and passion that has gone into this game is obvious — and some of the equipment used within the game is fantastic. The theatrical atmosphere is very well constructed, and some of the puzzles which, when solved to reveal the next step, are undeniably brilliant... almost to the point of having a "supernatural" feel.”

— Starshine#1

The retro technology
will delight you along the way

The journey back in time for the younger players : “How did people used to manage in the old days?!” and a trip down memory lane for Mum and Dad: “Marvel at your teen’s attempts at the dial phone!” You work together as a team to try and beat the clock.

You’ll be surprised and enjoyed
by several diverse puzzles

Some puzzles are technologically impressive, the next secret is required multiple people to get involved, another one has fragile props and If you’ll act carelessly, then the game will end soon. 

We recommend as a room
for first timers

If you don’t go into it with a certain expectation of the level of help you’ll need, we don’t think the number of clues would be a problem. It’s an incredibly well themed room, with a really moody backdrop at times, good puzzles and stand out props.

One of the best London Escapes

Beneath the pavement — just 100 yards from the British Museum — lies a haunted film studio that’s waiting for you to release its secrets.

Once locked inside Secret Studio you’ll have just 60 minutes to solve its fiendish puzzles and escape. Stay calm, keep your wits about you and you might just escape the cutting room floor!

Children aged fourteen or over are welcome.

Secret Studio costs £22 per person off-peak, or £27 peak.

There is a £15 supplement for teams of three. Team sizes are three to six.

Peak times are 6pm onwards, Monday to Friday and all weekends.

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Charing Cross 980 м
Лондон, Museum Street

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Место просмотрено 86 раз

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